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December 14, 2018.  In the investing game, all you have to do is watch XLF.  That’s right folks.  It is very simple.  The markets follow the banks….XLF.  And guess what.  The banks have been in a downward trend since March!!. (about 14%) AND they are still declining.  If you have been holding XLF you are in trouble.

And the trend is down.

IF anyone ever asks you what the market is doing, just tell them to look at XLF.

It also appears we may not get the year end Santa Claus rally.  WE ARE GETTING CONCERNED.

Today, all positions are being evaluated.  We are going to start looking at TOTAL RETURN on holdings and determine if we can sell at break-even levels:  ie:  do the principle and dividend payments added together allow us to sell without losing anything.  As we have mentioned numerous times, we are not going to get caught like we did in the 2008 financial nightmare.  

TO CLARIFY, WE ARE NOT selling anything right now.  But it is prudent to start watching.  (The futures are down 200 as we watch this.  Scary.)

 We are not panic sellers meaning getting out at the bottom.  But we are concerned.


lol USA rated at bottom of list for download speeds.  Sad.

Infographic: Countries With the Fastest Mobile Internet | Statista

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