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Update Sat: WHFBZ is finally trading and we will buy Monday….and leaving the beach for Cold Chicago!!!!

Nov 29. Update: Keep watching WHFBZ for a Buy….should start trading soon.

Really scary story today: around 47% of millennials prefer Socialism …vs our current capitalism.

Estimated that with the influx of liberal leaning immigrants the Republican Party will be obsolete within the next five years.

Update: BUY DLNG-B Preferred

November 21, 2018.  Ouch that hurts.

Yeah we’re feeling the pain.  We do not listen to the cheerleaders on CNBC and Fox Business but instead search out the ‘smart’ people.  And they are concerned.  Even tho we are in the ‘best 9 months’ of the Presidential cycle,  (expecting gains in the markets thru next June), there are growing concerns.  One guru in particular yesterday said we are NOT even close to a market bottom….capitulation

Our investing strategy is–primarily–buying TERM bonds that pay dividends, and MATURE at a specific date, returning your money.  In our opinion, the worst thing to do right now is selling anything.

We continue holding the Core Portfolio positions.  NOTE:  Due to Thanksgiving and travel plans, we are not updating this blog for a few weeks.

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