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November 16, 2018.  Remember that we are still watching for WHFBZ to start trading.  You should plan on buying this as soon as it becomes available….exact date is unknown.


MIC is a holding in the Core Portfolio collapsed earlier this year.  We decided to keep it and so far have been relatively disappointed….altho they have been paying dividends.  But one of the leading writers on Seekingalpha.com has written a very positive article on MIC.  (The current yield is 10.6%)  If you hold this, you should read this article.  (If you do NOT own, and want to take some risk, this is a buy.)



Image result for very cold cartoons shoveling snow

It has been very cold her in Chicago____unusually cold.  The snow yesterday required us to dig out the shovels.  Here is an article that explains what is going on.



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