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Now in the 6th year of Dividend Income Investor.
Before buying any investment, GO TO CORE PORTFOLIO for a listing of CURRENT positions.


November 13, 2018,  Back on October 15 we mentioned that STOCK investors should have sold out of this market.  But if you did not sell, there is some ‘good’ news.  The index as of yesterday’s tumble, is still down only 5% from the highs.  It appears we are not in a bear market, only in a correction.

You have to pay attention to the political wars as it appears the Dems are out to kill Trump and his programs.  This situation could get much worse and if they do you should consider getting out of stocks-if you have not done so already.  BUT having said all that, the technical indicators are trending UP.  (The bond market is open today, after being closed yesterday.  As we write this, SPY is up 14.) 

We are NOT stock traders and continue holding all term bond positions in the Core Portfolio.  Continue watching WHFBZ and HYHG for BUYS (as we have previously discussed.)

The two recent buys NRZ and IRM are doing well.

Image result for bad pictures of michelle obama
btw Does anyone really give a flying fuck what Michelle Obammer has to say about anything?  omg why don’t those two just go away.


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