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November 5, 2018.  Yes folks, tomorrow is the big day.  Get out there and vote.  In our mind, the question is whether the ‘closet’ Trumpers will come out and save the House.

We saw this link describing all Trump accomplishments.


We sold RA on Friday,  The price has dropped but with the dividends added in. we managed to get a very tiny profit.  The key to this game is not LOSE money.  (On Friday we bought NRZ)

We continue holding the remaining Core Portfolio holdings.  Depending on who you listen to, we can expect a recession next year OR the October correction was simply a blimp with gains to follow OR sell now expecting declines.  We really don’t care, as we hold individual term positions which expire at a maturity date with return of our money.


MOVIES  BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.  The moronic reviewers (what universe r they in) gave this new movie lousy reviews.  First of all, younger readers will not remember Queen with Freddie Mercury.  But us oldies are familiar with this iconic group.  Bohemian Rhapsody despite many flaws is one of the best flicks of the year.  The last 20 minutes will bring tears to your eyes.  We can see the Oscars coming.  See it.


The Connors without Rosanne is a ratings loser.  And new season of the House of Cards on Netflix is also a loser without Kevin Spacey, who was fired for reasons we will not review here!!!!  The House of Cards is one of the best series on Netflix, but the new season six without Kevin is a real letdown.  Just like The Connors, this is yet another example of the producers jumping the shark.  Sad.


So do you favor letting in illegals.  Here is the cost.

And there it is. 115 Billion dollars per year is about what it costs us to deal with Illegal immigrants. Imagine the good we could do to our own people with that money. Money for mental illness, money for homeless Vets, etc. While I’m all on board with immigrants, the need to control it, and do it wisely has never been more important. Just my not so humble opinion.


We look at numerous charts and videos, and read a lot of financial articles, everyday.  It is not very often that a video really stands out as offering a new perspective on the markets.  But the link below gets you to a video that we recommend you watch.  It gives you an informational look at the long term view.



Look out for lizards dressed as waiters, dogs dressed as Cleopatra and cats wearing tutus this Halloween.
Pets are getting roped into Halloween madness whether they like it or not, as more consumers are shelling out ever-climbing sums to costume their beloved animals. More than 30 million people will spend an estimated $480 million treating their pets to costumes this Halloween, more than double the $220 million spend on pet Halloween costumes in 2010 when the National Retail Federation began tracking pet costumes.


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