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November 2, 2018.  It looks like we missed on HYHG.  It just keeps going up and we do not want to pay the price.

We ARE buying NRZ.  It pays just under 12%.  Here is some descriptive copy:

BUSINESS: New Residential Investment Corp. is a real estate investment trust that focuses on opportunistically investing in, and actively managing, investments related to residential real estate. The Company primarily targets investments in: excess mortgage servicing rights, residential mortgage backed securities, residential mortgage loans and other related investments. New Residential was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Newcastle Investment Corp and subsequently spun-off as a separate publicly-traded entity on May 15, 2013. New Residential is externally managed and advised by an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group LLC and benefit from the resources of a highly diversified global alternative investment manager.


Veteran journalist Ted Koppel absolutely unloaded on CNN, Brian Stelter, and the state of journalism in 2018. Appearing in an October 1 Kalb Report forum, Koppel told CNN host Brian Stelter that the network secretly loves fighting with Trump: “CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet without Donald Trump.” The former Nightline anchor also called for journalistic “humility” instead of “arrogance.”
As the panel discussed Trump, Koppel looked at Stelter and bluntly informed him: “Everybody here keeps talking about ideology and politics.” “Money,” he stressed, adding, “You would be lost without Donald Trump…. CNN”s ratings would be in the toilet without Donald Trump” A flustered Stelter sputtered, “Ted, you know that’s not true…. You are playing for laughs.”


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