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Update Sat: WHFBZ is finally trading and we will buy Monday….and leaving the beach for Cold Chicago!!!! Nov 29. Update: Keep watching WHFBZ for a Buy….should start trading soon. Really scary story today: around 47% of millennials prefer Socialism …vs our current capitalism. Estimated that with the influx of liberal leaning immigrants the Republican Party […]


Update:  For some odd reason, Kiplinger sometimes releases, for FREE, their income investing newsletter.  Full of info, including a list of 25 income issues to buy.  November 20, 2018,  We are down over 2% in the Core Portfolio.  Compared to the general indices like SPY (down over 10%) this is not bad.  But that […]


November 16, 2018.  Remember that we are still watching for WHFBZ to start trading.  You should plan on buying this as soon as it becomes available….exact date is unknown. _____ MIC is a holding in the Core Portfolio collapsed earlier this year.  We decided to keep it and so far have been relatively disappointed….altho they […]


November 14, 2018.  We bought HYHG after trying to get this for months.  You should be able to get filled at $66.29.  There is little doubt that interest rates will continue higher next year and this hedged fund will help us fight the increase.  Pays almost 6%.   ProShares High Yield—Interest Rate Hedged ETF ProShares […]


Now in the 6th year of Dividend Income Investor. Before buying any investment, GO TO CORE PORTFOLIO for a listing of CURRENT positions. UPDATE:  GECCL is a BUY. November 13, 2018,  Back on October 15 we mentioned that STOCK investors should have sold out of this market.  But if you did not sell, there is […]


UPDATE:  Monday.  It looks like we may still get a chance to buy HYHG.  We had been trying to get a lower price, and finally gave up.  Place a Limit Buy order for $66.22 and wait. November 9, 2018.  Whitehorse Finance is offering 2025 (6.5%) bonds next week.  This is a high quality business development […]


November 5, 2018.  Yes folks, tomorrow is the big day.  Get out there and vote.  In our mind, the question is whether the ‘closet’ Trumpers will come out and save the House. We saw this link describing all Trump accomplishments. TRUMP ACCOMPLISHMENTS LINK We sold RA on Friday,  The price has dropped but with the […]