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Now in the 6th year of Dividend Income Investor.
Before buying any investment, GO TO CORE PORTFOLIO for a listing of CURRENT positions.

UPDATE:  Entered buy order for HYHG at $66.22.  We have been watching this for months:  we may get lucky and get filled at this price.

Wednesday October 31, 2018.  As we celebrate Halloween today, the market has certainly been playing ‘tricks’ on investors.  But it appears we may…..may be seeing a turn upward.  As usual, the crystal ball is on the fritz.  (The elections next week will affect the markets going forward.)

The Core Portfolio is down around 1.6% during this down-turn, in comparison to 10-11% for SPY.  This doesn’t even include received dividends and we are not taking the time to add them in:  we would be doing even BETTER if dividends are added in.  Not bad.  (We DO have several ‘private’ positions that are not listed in the Core Portfolio, primarily because they are little too risky for readers.)

BSL is a closed end fund where the pricing can vary significantly from the true net asset value.  We have taken a hit on BSL but the price will most likely rise back to the value.  BUY BSL    …..Also NLY-F a BUY


Several months back, we were reading an article that claimed the The Daily Mail website was the LARGEST website in the world:  meaning the most clicks.  Well we found that hard to believe but we have been visiting the site and find it interesting.  I guess you would call it a tabloid site, something like a classier National Enquirer!!!!  You might like it.



We came across this site which lists numerous financial blogs that you might find useful.


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