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Tuesday.  UPDATE:  Several indicators are telling us that we MAY have reached the bottom on this correction….we are around a 10-11% decline which would be typical.

STILL watching HYHG for a buy at lower prices:  will get there eventually.  Also, OXSQL is a BUY.

Monday October 29, 2018,  IRM Iron Mountain is one of those Companies that you really need to own.  We do have their Corporate Bonds in the Core Portfolio.  But we have been looking at the IRM Stocks for years, trying to get a good entry point.

We may be reaching a price that we like.  It was sky high at $41 but has plummeted to $31 and pays a high 8%.  The indicators have reached bottom and we are expecting a turn around.  Go to the link below to get a detailed analysis of IRM.




Hooray.  Far right candidate wins in Brazil.  And Germany’s immigration queen gets out of town.


MOVIES.  HUNTER KILLER.  It is so unfortunate that the movie ‘critics’ (morons) are giving Hunter Killer such bad reviews.  Are these dopes in a different universe?

Hunter Killer is one of the best flicks this year.  If you want thrills and spills, get to the theatre.  This is the kind of stuff that Hollyweird should be producing, not garbage like Lalaland.  And the critics just don’t seem to get it.

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