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UPDATE:  You hear a lot of reasons for this market collapse.  But the real reason is the upcoming election.  Traders and investors are worried that the radical liberals and crooked Pellosi will take over the House.  You need to get out there and vote to keep the status quo.

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UPDATE:  HYHG is collapsing, which is good for us as we want to buy at lower prices, maybe next week.

October 26, 2018.  oooooo…….make it stop.  It just keeps getting worse.  The markets are down again today, and it appears they will continue tumbling for a while.  The momentum indicators are STILL pointing DOWN.

We own one position that is actually a BUY—or you can ADD to your position.  We own individual term bonds which mature at a specific date.  As long as you can take the short term ‘pain’, (paper losses) and keep earning the dividends, you will be fine.

GLOP-A (GLOPPRA at Fidelity-we bought in May 2017) is on sale at $25.35….yes it can drop a little more.  But the indicators are starting to turn up.  Here is a link to an article talking about this position.


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