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October 1, 2018.  We own both of the bonds MDLQ and MDLX which are discussed in the ‘positive’ article linked below.  It is almost as if they wrote the article specifically for us!!!  Both of the bonds are ALREADY in the Core Portfolio and the author is recommending purchase.  To read the article, see link below.

“Mispriced Baby Bond, Bargain With A 7.6% Yield To Maturity”

“MDLQ/MDLX could provide those who are looking for a safe, very short term, very high yielding bond a real opportunity.”






Happy that we sold the JC Penney bonds a while back.  The stock has now collapsed down to $1.57/share.  While JCP and Sears were at one time the biggest retailers in the U.S., they are now heading to bankruptcy.

Now in the 6th year of Dividend Income Investor.
Before buying any investment, go to Core Portfolio for a listing of current positions.


BOOK:  Liars Leakers and Liberals

We do not watch Judge Piro on Fox, but we were interested in her book since she has been rumored to be up for a big job in the Trump administration. 

This tome is a 275 page screaming creed on all the government corruption, which has already been discussed in other books.  This new book is an obvious ass-kissing ‘resume’ for Trump, in hopes of locking in a good job.  lol

The heavy use of capital letters is constantly reminding the reader that the author is screaming about the Trump haters.

Altho we agree with Piro, avoid this time waster.


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