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BUY YYY. 8.5%

September 26, 2018.  YYY Yieldshares High Income has been in the Core Portfolio forever.  It pays a very nice 8.5%.

YYY jumped up to almost $20.00 a year ago but then dumped way down to $18.16 this Spring and has now stabilized in the $18.40’s range. It just went ex-dividend, the technicals are very positive/moving up, and it is now a BUY at $18.31.  

FUND DESCRIPTION: YieldShares High Income ETF is an exchange-traded index fund or Index ETF which is a separate investment portfolio of the Exchange Traded Concept Trust, an open-end investment management company. INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE: The YieldShares High Income ETF, formerly Sustainable North American Oil Sands ETF seeks investment results that, before fees and expenses, correspond generally to the price and yield performance of the ISE High Income Index, formerly Sustainable North American Oil Sands Index. INDEX DESCRIPTION: The ISE High Income Index seeks to measure the performance of the top 30 U.S. exchange-listed closed-end funds (the Underlying Funds), as selected and ranked according to factors employed by the Index methodology that are designed to result in a portfolio that produces high current income, The universe of Underlying Funds eligible for inclusion on the Index is not restricted by the types of securities or other instruments in which they may invest or the types of investment strategies they may employ. Thus, the Underlying Funds may invest in a variety of securities including, but not limited to, equity securities (both dividend and non-dividend paying), foreign securities (including depositary receipts), taxable investment grade fixed income securities, taxable high yield fixed income securities, investment grade municipal securities, high yield municipal securities, preferred securities, convertible securities, commodities, real-estate related securities, including real estate investment trusts (REITs), and derivatives. Constituent securities of the Index are selected from the total universe of closed-end funds that are organized in the United States and whose shares are listed and trade on a U.S. securities exchange.


We had previously mentioned the new book The Deep State by Chaffetz.  The book is full of stories about the corruption in DC.  Wow this stuff is depressing.  The Deep State cannot be recommended because you will want to go out and kill yourself after reading this stuff!!!  Chaffetz is a former Representative so he does have first hand knowledge of what is really going on in the Washington cesspool.  It’s amazing how the gullible American public watches the crap on ABS, CBS, CNN etc when the real stories are in books like this.

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