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September 20, 2018.  There is a new seekingalpha.com article on GSBD, a holding in the Core Portfolio.

We are glad to see the positive comments.  It is NOT suggested you buy at current prices as GSBD was bought at lower prices in July.  This discussion simply suggests that investors should continue HOLDING GSBD in the Core Portfolio.

Goldman Sachs BDC, Inc. (GSBD) is a top-shelf business development company with above-average dividend coverage stats. The business development company relies on a defensively-positioned investment portfolio and has considerable net interest income upside in a rising rate environment. Goldman Sachs BDC easily outearns its dividend with net investment income, and shares continue to sell for a reasonable run-rate NII-multiple. An investment in Goldman Sachs BDC yields 8.1 percent.



Fidelity (the huge financial broker) is telling us the median balance in 401Ks is $26.000.  ‘Median’ is after you take out the highest ten percent of the rich people which would skew the numbers……so we get a good picture of the ‘average’ household.

The bottom line:  you have to start saving more.  You cannot retire on $26,000 which may cover your living expenses for one year!!!!  To start, cut out Starbucks and expensive restaurants.  Yes we love Starbux but $6 for coffee???  

If you are employed, (vs self employed), you MUST have your boss deduct the savings before you get paid.  That way you don’t miss the money that was deposited in your 401K,


Here is an interesting perspective on the Emmy’s which we never thought of.

The final numbers from Nielsen are in and the Colin Jost and Michael Che hosted show pulled in 10.17 million viewers and a 2.4 rating among adults 18-49. – a new all-time low for TV’s biggest night

How many viewers have watched, let alone are even aware of, the vast majority of nominees? I mean, how much would someone have to spend just to be able to watch them? In the old days, all you needed was a TV and an antenna in order to see all the nominees. Then, you needed cable. Now, you need cable, HBO, Showtime, Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. Also 47-hour days.


Here is more interesting commentary on FEAR, the new Woodward book:

Beyond a considerable boost to the profit margins of Simon & Schuster, Bob Woodward’s Fear has had all the impact of what Senator Everett Dirksen described as “a snowflake upon the bosom of the Potomac River.” The response in Washington from President Donald Trump’s allies, and even from his longtime critics, has been a virtual shrug. Sure, cable news has struck a tone of continual hysteria—Red alert! DEFCON 1! Summon the panels!—but that is decidedly normal in Trump’s Washington. Why doesn’t anyone seem to care? Fundamentally, because, like Sherlock Holmes’ dog that did not bark in the night, the political and journalistic universe has known in general just about everything that Fear describes anecdotally.

The virtual shrug because Fear did not deliver what liberals were praying for: Evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. Got that, Jeff? I know it hurts that the one hailed as the greatest investigative journalist was unable to find such collusion but that is the bottom line.

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