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September 17, 2018.  We have owned DSL for OVER 4 years.  It is paying almost 9% and goes ex-dividend in two days.  You can BUY today as a new position and get the dividend, or you can wait and buy at a lower price after it goes ex-dividend—-the price will probably drop to $20.08. A Limit Order at $20.10 would be good.

If you already own, it really doesn’t matter when you buy/add to the position.

FUND DESCRIPTION: Doubleline Income Solutions Fund is an exchange-traded closed-end fund or a closed-end ETF that is officially described as a non-diversified, closed-end management investment company. INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE: The Doubleline Income Solutions Fund seeks high current income; its secondary objective is to seek capital appreciation. FUND STRATEGY: The Fund will seek to achieve its investment objectives by investing in a portfolio of investments selected for their potential to provide high current income, growth of capital, or both. The Fund will normally invest at least 80% of its net assets (plus any borrowings for investment purposes) in debt securities and other income-producing investments anywhere in the world, including in emerging markets. The Fund’s investment adviser, DoubleLine Capital LP, allocates the Fund’s assets among debt security market sectors, and among investments within those sectors, in an attempt to construct a portfolio providing the potential for a high level of current income and for capital appreciation consistent with what the adviser considers an appropriate level of risk in light of market conditions prevailing at the time. The Fund may invest without limit in securities rated below investment grade. The Fund intends, subject to then favorable market conditions, to add leverage to its portfolio by using reverse repurchase agreements, dollar roll transactions and/or borrowings, such as through loans or lines of credit from banks or other credit facilities.

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BOOKS:  FEAR the new best selling book by Bob Woodward.  While traveling to DC and touring the White House (photo below), we had time to read FEAR by Trump-hater Hillary lover Woodward.  It is so interesting that the author does NOT mention a single positive Trump accomplishment.

One question:  when is he going to do his hit piece on the corrupt Hillary Clinton????.  We are not holding our breath!!!!!!  


Here is some interesting copy from an article in The Weekly Standard.

But back to the question of whether all, some, or any of it is actually true. Even with the questionable writing style and obscured sourcing, the trouble with claiming Woodward’s book is a “scam,” as President Trump has called it, is that its depiction of the commander in chief is consistent with much of what those of us who cover the White House and the president have seen and heard every day since he descended the escalator in Trump Tower in 2015. There is nothing new in the implied conclusions of the book: Trump is erratic, impetuous, ignorant of basic facts, unfocused, forgetful, mercurial, cruel to his subordinates, bored by details, self-absorbed, obsessed with TV. Sure, it’s possible that Woodward manipulated hours and hours of interviews and reporting to produce a book that would conform to and confirm this widely accepted characterization. But it’s also possible that the man we see at rallies, in televised interviews, and on Twitter is exactly who he is behind the scenes and that his aides and advisers are even more alarmed than the majority of Americans. This is the premise of Fear; readers either will accept it or they won’t.


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