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August 9, 2018,  Within the five FAANG stocks, only two actually PRODUCE or MAKE or MANUFACTURE anything…..  Apple and Netflix make phones and movies.

Facebook, Google, and Amazon don’t make a damn thing.  They merely circulate food pictures, news, and ship products.  What a sorry situation.


NGLPRB, a Core Portfolio holding for over a year, is selling for LESS than we paid.  This is a BUY.



We recently bought GSBD and it is already up 5% within a week.  Here is a link to a very positive article.  These silly authors typically write their articles AFTER an increase in the stock price….hell, WE could write positive things about a stock after it has gone up.  It is too late to buy this:  you want to buy when they are on sale. 

Goldman Sachs BDC is a high-quality income vehicle in the BDC sector that regularly reports strong financial results and displays consistent excess dividend coverage. The BDC further has interest rate upside during the current rate hiking cycle which could improve the company’s dividend coverage stats even more. With a 117 percent average dividend coverage ratio in the last three years, the dividend has a high margin of dividend safety, making GSBD a sleep-well-at-night BDC. Buy for income and capital appreciation.


Another positive article, this one on CTL a Core Portfolio holding.  (Update:  Up $1.80 today….wow)


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