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July 30, 2018.  Back in early July, positive press reports and articles caused mass hysteria in GSBD Goldman Sachs BDC.

Buyers jumped in and the price spiked. We had been watching to buy this but fortunately we pulled our finger away from the buy button and decided to stay away from the out of control escalating price action……….the price topped out at $22.18

Well, no surprise, the price has now come back down and declined to prices LOWER than when we first started looking at GSBD. It’s usually best to step aside when you see stupid action in a position and wait for things to settle down.

GSBD pays 8.5%.  We are placing a BUY LIMIT order at $21.08 (it looks like we may NOT get filled at this price.)  Update:  We were filled at $21.08,,,,do NOT pay more than this.

Here is a link to our original discussion.



Here is another book coming out in September.  We placed a hold at the local library.


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