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July 25, 2018.  We have owned OXLCM in the Core Portfolio for over a year.  This is exchange traded debt and It pays just under 7%.

The debt issue, OXLCM, is going ex-dividend today.  Yesterday it closed at $25.44.  This is a BUY IF the price gets down to $25.30, or lower.

The regular shares, OXLC, are paying an eye-popping 14%.  IF you want to take the risk, you could buy a small position but this stock is at the top of it’s range.  Obviously, anything paying 14% is inherently risky.



MAIN, a recent purchase, has spiked up in response to a very positive article in SeekingAlpha.com.  We continue to HOLD.  It is too late now to buy this position.



We admit our continuing infatuation with the Hillary collapse.  She has been floating trial balloons about getting back into the Presidential Race.  Read this funny article about how voters do NOT want Hillary to return.

After learning that nearly three-quarters (73%) of likely Democratic voters don’t want anyone who already ran for president to run in 2020, Rasmussen asked specifically about Hillary’s impact on the Democratic Party. The numbers weren’t good.
While Clinton was widely popular among Democrats back in 2015, that popularity has plummeted. Now a plurality of Democrats believe Hillary has been bad for the party overall: “33% think she’s been good for their party, but 39% believe she’s been bad for it instead,” Rasmussen reports.
And the numbers are far worse among Republicans and Independents: “Seventy-two percent (72%) of Republicans and, more worrisome for Democrats, 63% of voters not affiliated with either major party feel Clinton has been bad for the party.”
Rasmussen notes that even among the one-third of Democrats who say Clinton’s been good for the party, a strong majority (62%) don’t want her to run again.
Among all Likely Voters, 58% say Clinton has been bad for Democrats, with only 22% saying she’s been good and 12% maintaining that she’s had no impact.
Clinton has also apparently lost female voters, among whom an even stronger majority than men want a new candidate for the Democrats in 2020.
Then there’s Rasmussen’s recent findings on what voters think a Clinton presidency would have meant for the country: Only 40% of all likely voters believe the country would be better off today if Clinton had defeated Trump in 2016, while 47% disagree and 13% are undecided.


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