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July 15, 2018.  Wall Street continues to believe in Trump.  Altho SPY/DOW has been consolidating so far in 2018, the dividend paying positions that we like continue paying us.

In contrast, the Trump haters, Hollyweird elitists, CNN, and drunken British protestors just don’t get it.  They simply refuse to acknowledge the good economic programs that Trump is implementing and they continue with their hate speech.  Yes Trump is narcissistic and self centered, but he is moving this Country forward.

Prices of the Core Portfolio dividend payers continue higher and we have been so frustrated in trying to buy NEW investments as they are too expensive. We like to buy stuff ON SALE and ‘sales’ these days are hard to find.

Bottom line:  Ignore the nitwits on biased fake-news CNN, ABC et al.  As long as the economy continues to hum along, we are staying fully invested.

But you have to remain cautious.  From realinvestmentadvice.com:

Breadth has narrowed substantially, valuations are elevated, rates and inflationary pressures are rising, and price deviations and over-bought conditions are at extremes.

Speaking of ‘on sale’, GECCL went ex-dividend and is a buy at $25.24.

ISD.  This loser continues down.  There is no indication that a turn-around will happen.  When we add in the dividends, we are almost breaking even on this position.  SELL.

WHFBL.  To be redeemed…..giving us capital to buy something new.

Now in the 6th year of Dividend Income Investor.
Before buying any investment, go to Core Portfolio for a listing of current positions.


WooHoo.  We can’t wait for the new Downton Abbey movie.

A toast is in order for fans of Downton Abbey, because the film adaption of the series is officially underway. Focus Features has announced that the show’s principal cast—including Dame Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, and Hugh Bonneville—has officially reunited, and shooting will begin this summer.


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