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July 3, 2018.  We bought the Safeway Corporate Bond way back in 2014 before AMAZON bought Whole Foods, and before the days of Amazon Prime.  They are now competing in the food business and people are buying boxes of food-stuffs thru Prime (and other web sites) with free shipping, thereby avoiding the local grocery store.  In our opinion, the old line stores like Safeway are in trouble.

(Technically shipping is not free as you pay for Prime.  But people don’t seem to care.)

Altho the value of the bond has declined (but has recently been rising), we have received numerous dividend payments.  SO the TOTAL RETURN is very good.  We would not hold this bond to maturity.  It is time to get out.

SELL Safeway bond.


When is CNN going to die and go away.

CNN continues to struggle mightily with its ratings, and the fake news network failed to have a single show in the top five in both total day and primetime last week.
CNN’s ratings are so bad that it has fallen behind the Food Network, where people are more interested in learning how to cook food than getting political news from the left-leaning network.

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According to TV Newser for the week of June 18 to June 24, Fox News was number one in primetime, averaging a whopping 2.513 million viewers. Fox News even humiliated MSNBC, who finished in second place with an average of just 1.78 million primetime viewers in the same time frame.
Last week marked the 24th consecutive month in which Fox News was the overall top cable news network. Fox averaged 1.465 million total day viewers, which was almost has much as MSNBC’s primetime numbers.
Meanwhile, CNN was so far down on the chart that viewers had to literally search for them. The network was 13th in primetime ratings and 7th in total day. CNN took a humiliating blow and only averaged 633,000 total day viewers last week.


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