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June 13, 2018.  We sold the Sunoco Corporate Bond due to low yield. 

HCAPZ, mentioned yesterday, popped up in price and it is too expensive for us.  We are maintaining the Limit Order in case the price drops.

Here are some buy prices for other positions that you can buy…..WAIT until tomorrow after they go ex-dividend.

ECCY $25,10.  Pays 6.6%.  Goes ex-dividend June 14.

KCAPL $25.10.  Pays 6%.  

MIC.  Has been a disaster and we decided to hold on to this loser.  We consider MIC…. ON SALE and if you want to take a little risk, buy this one while the price is dirt cheap.  It is finally starting to turn around and the momentum is up.  Price is $41.52.  Pays 9.6%.  Can be purchased now.


Fed Court screws you again.

Among all the financial reforms launched during the Obama administration, the fiduciary rule may have been the most important to ordinary investors. Issued by the Department of Labor in 2016, the rule required brokers working with retirement accounts to put clients’ interests ahead of their own—for example, by recommending an annuity that was better for the client rather than one from a company that paid the broker a bigger commission. The regulation was hailed as an historic win by consumer advocates, and the financial-services industry began remaking many of its products and pay structures to comply.

Now the regulation is all but dead. In March a federal appeals court struck it down, and the Trump administration has not appealed the ruling. Where does that leave retirement investors? The outlook is anything but clear.


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