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May 31, 2018

NLYPRF went ex-dividend and this is a BUY at $25.13.

If you want to take very high risk for very high return of 24% in a short period of time, buy SEARS bonds.  From what we are reading, they have the bucks to pay off these bonds.

CUSIP:  812350AE6

Maturity:  October 2018

NO we are not buying these bonds.


This millennial news is really stunning.

Demographics: A new poll shows that the millennial generation has suddenly soured on Democrats just before the Blue Wave was supposed to crash over Republicans in Congress. There’s a good reason for their change of heart.
The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll of 16,000 millennials found that support for Democrats among this generation dropped to 46% — a nine-point plunge from 55% just two years ago. Just 39% of white millennials now say they favor Democrats. It also found that more millennials say the GOP is a better steward of the economy.
Given the millennial generation is 71 million strong and about as big as the baby boom generation, this is potentially catastrophic news for Democrats.


Starbucks has opened their bathrooms to every Tom, Dick and Harry (and drug user and bum) that walks through the door.

BUT, why would you WANT to use their bathroom that anyone and everyone in the world is using?  No thanks.


FBI Agent Who Quit Over ‘Rigged’ Clinton Case To Testify; Drops BOMB On Comey, Obama
May 29, 2018 Martin

Read the full story here.

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