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May 22, 2018.  One of our bucket-list goals was traveling across Canada by train and viewing the beautiful scenery in Western Canada.  We recommend this trip but keep in mind there are significant delays due to rising freight train traffic:  probably due to Trump’s growing economy!

Cell coverage was spotty but we managed to keep tabs on the (boring) Core Portfolio.  There are NO buys or sells right now but, as usual, we are always looking at numerous positions either to buy, or sell.  We roll along collecting the dividends.

HYHG.  We are watching HYHG for a possible buy when it goes ex-dividend June 1.  Pays 5.7%

CTL.  A new CEO and some re-organizing keeps this new addition to the Core Portfolio as a hold.

VENTAS.  We continue to hold a Ventas Corporate Bond.  Reporting good results with an investment grade rating.  One of the best REITs.

WPC.  This newer position is acting well.  See link below. Up $4 since we bought so it is a little late to buy this. 

W.P. Carey is a well-established triple-net lease REIT, a pioneer in the industry. To some extent, I think it is riskier than Realty Income, but the higher yield more than makes up for that. Its current market price of around $65 makes it a good opportunity for a dividend growth investor.


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