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Welcome to the 6th year of Dividend Income Investor.
Before buying any investment, go to Core Portfolio for a listing of current positions.

May 15, 2018.  Back in mid-April our momentum indicators started turning up indicating that the stock market was setting up to head higher.  Last week, numerous financial advisors that we follow started talking about a positive trend in stocks.  Will it continue.  Who knows.  But we have been fully invested for years and continue to be positive.  Despite Trump’s objectionable personality, the public is optimistic and feel things are going well….scroll down for more.

Last week we mentioned that GBAB was going ex-dividend yesterday May 14-yesterday.  It closed at $21.51 and may still hit our target of $21.40 but it may having trouble declining to that price.  The way things are looking now, GBAB would be a buy at any price under $21.50  It pays almost 7%.


A poll released by the far-left CNN shows that optimism about the direction of the country under President Trump has hit an 11-year high of 57 percent. The last time this same poll registered a number that high was in January 2007. This includes 40 percent of Democrats, which is a leap of 15 points from just last month.


Borrowers in the U.S. are defaulting on subprime auto loans at a higher rate than during the financial crisis, according to Fitch Ratings.
Lenders are responding by pulling back on financing to applicants with shaky credit histories and requiring higher standards for loans that they bundle and sell on to investors.
The delinquency rate for subprime auto loans more than 60 days past due reached the highest since 1996 at 5.8 percent, according to March data, the most recent available from Fitch. That compares with default rate of around 5 percent during the financial crisis in 2008.
The number of auto loans and leases extended to subprime borrowers fell by almost 10 percent from a year earlier in January, which is the latest data available from the credit reporting agency Equifax. Auto-lease origination to those customers decreased by 13.5 percent.

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