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May 4, 2018

FAX is dead money.  SELL

We have owned FAX for about a year and it has been a loser.  If we add in dividends for a total return number, we are barely breaking even.  At least we did not lose money, which is always your first objective.  Another case of dead money.


Amazing comments from Chris Matthews on MSNBC  (He is an ultra-liberal whack-job who hates Trump.)

Matthews, the Pennsylvania native who has always understood what motivates blue-collar voters in elections and the types of candidates who appeal to them, said it will be difficult for Democrats to beat Trump in 2020 in a one-on-one matchup because “the man with the sun on his face always beats the guy behind the desk.”

“Who are the Democrats going to put up who has a face, the sun on his face, who comes across as Mr. America—the guy or woman who just smiles and is American, is so healthy and happy to be an American, and wants to knock this guy off his throne? Who is that person?” Matthews reportedly asked. “That’s a hell of a question, isn’t it? A helluva question. Because if it is somebody with a dark suit on and it looks like they belong behind a desk somewhere, who may be very good on full funding for Title X programs—you know, who’s one of those people, you know? It’s very hard to figure out. I can think of a lot of running mates.”

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