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Welcome to the 6th year of Dividend Income Investor.
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April 27, 2018

We are placing a LIMIT order Good til Cancel on OFSSL at $25,07.  The price today is $25.14 and we do NOT want to pay this much.  So we will just wait and watch and hopefully the price will come down.  If it does not, we can let this one go.  Go to the link below for more information.

The new baby bond from OFS Capital has a coupon of 6.375% and has a maturity date in 2025. The company may redeem the bonds early beginning in 2020. While the coupon is not as high as we would like, the risk/reward seems reasonable to us at this time.

OFS Capital is a business development company (BDC) which has had a recent history of fairly solid net income. BDCs loan money to middle market companies at fairly high interest rates. Because of this, we advocate investments in BDC-related securities are best held during economic expansions and that investors should consider exiting if the economy is weakening.



Stock Gumshoe is a website that has been around for a long time.  The author discusses ‘claims’ made by financial newsletter publishers, and there is a section that evaluates the publications.  If you feel a financial newsletter would be beneficial in your investing, you will want to check out the evaluations in this site.

As we have mentioned in the past, we have subscribed to several dozens of newsletters over the years.  And most of them are a waste of time and money.  So before subscribing, check out this site to see their thoughts.  (If you want to get into trading stocks, go to http://www.philsgang.com:  they are by far the best site for learning the technical of trading)  Here is the link.



In all of our many years on this Earth, we have seen nothing as outrageous as the concept of ‘universal basic income’.  This kind of idiotic concept is truly hard to believe.  Basically the government sends you ‘free’ money every month.  Yes folks, you can sit around every day eating Cheetos and watching TV.  Hey, why work?  Who me?  LOL.  And who pays for this farce?  Well, let’s see…………….YOU the taxpayer.

A few months ago, we read that this type of system in the US would cost literally trillions and trillions of dollars, sending the country into bankruptcy.

Go to the link below for the full article.

While proposals for universal basic income programs vary, the most common one is a system in which the federal government sends out regular checks to everyone, regardless of their earnings or employment. That system is being tested in Canada as well as Stockton, California, which recently emerged from bankruptcy but remains mired in poverty.
Perhaps Finland’s failure will wake some of the free shit army up that it can’t end well.


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