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Welcome to Dividend Income Investor. Before buying any investment, go to Core Portfolio to see a listing of current positions.
Now in our 6th year.

April 2, 2018

There is very little going on in the Core Portfolio….other than paying us a lot of dividends over the last week.  But TCCA, a business development company, pays 6.3% and is a buy.  


If you STILL don’t believe that The New York Times is biased anti-Trump fake news read this. Link to full article is below.

Jerome Corsi’s red-hot new book “Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump” is a runaway bestseller — but you’d never know that from reading The New York Times.
In an interview with Newsmax TV, Corsi said that he’s not entirely surprised at his book’s exclusion from the high-profile list.

“They don’t want any book that will support President Trump, who they detest, to be on The New York Times bestseller list. Even if the book legitimately outsells most of the other books,” he said during an appearance on “Newsmax Now.”



“News has become entertainment.”  (we heard this on a radio financial show)

It was during the Kennedy years (yeah way back in the 60s!!) that we started to have any interest in the Presidency and politics.  In those days, before the Internet, the private life of Kennedy was completely covered up by the few TV stations that existed.  Turn 180 degrees and today we have Twitter, Facebook, iPhones, cable TV, and a rancid left wing press.  My how times have changed.  And for the worse.

Today the American public is consumed by politics.  We can’t resist watching the latest scandals….news has become our entertainment.  

We have never lived through such turbulent times, but as they say, this too shall pass.  (the sooner the better)

Altho it is tempting to waste enormous amounts of time watchin the latest garbage on CNN and other channels, we suggest you just ignore all the fake news and do something constructive.  Don’t get sucked into the cesspool that is today’s media.  


Coffee causes cancer????

In what is only the latest outrageous ruling by a California judge so far this year, Starbucks and a handful of other coffee chains lost a yearslong legal battle against a consumer advocacy group trying to force coffee companies to attach cancer warnings to their packaging, according to Reuters.



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