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March 13, 2018

The Core Portfolio is now 18% in cash:  the lowest level in, well, as far as we can remember.  We are now so heavily invested that there is no cash for new investments.  But we have some corporate bonds maturing and may be buying again.  Watching to add TICCL (ex dividend March 15) and buy IRM.  The recent buy, WPC, is heading upward very slowly. 

The liberal’s hatred for Trump are clouding their understanding of his policies that are really helping the economy:  so we stay invested.  The heavy negative press is stunning.

One of the recent additions, BLOK, is finally starting to act well.  If you did not buy yet, a small entry level position would be ok:  but remember this thing does not pay dividends.  Go here for more info:



We listen to a limited number of “financial” people on the radio and web-casts.  They keep talking about how the entire media network is owned by ONLY six media kings and how we are being brain-washed by ABC, NBC, CNN (Clinton News Network), et al.

Have these fools never heard of the Internet ?  Do they think we are a bunch of rubes sitting on the stupid bench listening only to CNN and ABC??  If everyone were listening to the liars on CNN they would not be at the BOTTOM of the ratings.

Yes we do know people who only watch fake news CNN and feel they are getting a balanced picture of what is going on.  Give me a break.

We do not watch the big networks including CNBC.

We have literally dozens of non-mainstream financial related web sites that are visited on a continual basis throughout the day….we want to get the other side of the story.  We RARELY listen to the fake news networks….most of the time we do not even listen to FOX.

NO we do not get our news from the big six ultra liberal fake news networks.  To get the real story, develop your list of websites that give you the in-biased truth, or at least the other side of the story. 

Go to “About-Links” tab for more.

Speaking of bullshit, we are going to watch the new Scientology network to see what lies they are dishing out.  Can this be worse than CNN?


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