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Valentines Day

MOVIES:  The reviewers really trashed the new Fifty Shades movie.  So we were not expecting much.  This could have been the worst movie in history and we would have probably liked it.  Surprisingly this is a much better flick than the reviewers would lead you to believe.


We are STILL trying to buy more TCCA.  We revised the buy order up to $25/06.  (This was filled.)

Looking at numerous potential buys but still waiting for the markets to settle down:  and waiting for lower prices.


Here is an article on  Medical Property Trust, a holding in the Core Portfolio.  You CAN buy now, and this would be a lower price than we paid on the original buy!!




We bought the new blockchain ETF a while back:  Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (BLOK).   (This is NOT a bitcoin etf:  it is invested in companies developing blockchain technology) This thing went up and then came back down.  We suggest you read the article linked below to understand whether you want to get into this growth segment.  We are holding, and will add if appropriate.  We think there is huge potential, but who knows?! 


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