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February 12, 2018

UPDATE   Placed Limit Order at $21.02 for UTF.  May NOT get filled.  We are going to watch and may buy around $21.40-$21.50 depending on the action.  On TCCA still waiting for a probable fill.

We go for years and never see a pull-back or correction.  And yet investors think the world is coming to an end as we see significant declines in the stock market.  Kids, this is real life!!  No we don’t like it but what’s the choice?  CD’s?

Our crystal ball has been broken for years.  And we do not know the future.  But if history is any indication we will see a volatile market for weeks or even months, at which point we can all breathe easier.  We continue watching for ‘bargains.’

We still have an order in for TCCA at $24.99 and we may get filled:  just wait.

Watching UTF to buy more when it goes ex-dividend tomorrow.


We have repeatedly suggested you keep up to date with the “free” financial analysis found on realinvestmentadvice.com site.  Here is a recent post and we highly recommend you read it for an analysis of the current stock and bond markets.  The discussion on bonds is especially important.



As the avalanche of tech money dramatically inflates the value of even sub-par housing stock – and the state’s Democratic political hegemony has seven some Republicans in the state’s more rural counties rooting for a breakup – residents of the Bay Area are taking off for more affordable areas where they can more comfortably mesh with the local culture.
As CBS San Francisco reported, the number of people packing up and leaving the Bay Area has reached its highest level in more than a decade. And for the first time in ages, the number of people leaving are outnumbering the people coming in.



The fake news New York Times or the rest of the liberal media is not talking about the investigations in DC. Go to link for more.

The main stream media is doing the single best job of hiding information that I’ve ever seen. That’s not surprising since the main stream media has been infiltrated by the CIA since the 60’s. But this time around, their deception is truly gold medal level. Almost to a “tee” the people that I casually ask about the memo, or others mentioned in Grassley’s investigations, look at me with a blank stare. Most have never heard of it, or if they did, “CNN said it was no big deal”

Exactly. And that’s the problem. The media is not covering the enormity of what’s going on right now, and yet it is the biggest story this side of Watergate. Imagine a more sane time in US history and this “blurb” came out:

FBI Informant Testifies: Moscow Routed Millions To Clinton Foundation In “Russian Uranium Dominance Strategy”

The journalists would be foaming at the mouth to jump inside that investigation and rush to bring it to print before the next guy. Yet this time around? Crickets. I have purposely watched some main stream media this week, to see if they’re going to finally stop trying to defend Hillary and Obama and actually do “news” work, but no, it’s the same old drum. Trump bad, Trump crazy, Trump incoherent, and anything to do with what is now 8 separate investigations into the FBI, Hillary’s Email server, etc, are “conspiracy theories”. No, they’re not.

To sum it up ( about the media) These facts are not in dispute. Once-trusted journalists have become nothing more than stenographers unquestionably regurgitating all manner of ‘anonymously sourced’ FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Dpt black propaganda with a singular focus: try and stop a Presidential candidate from winning the election, and destroy a POTUS once he was in.

FOX, which is about the closest thing you’re going to get in main stream media for at least some truth, printed this little tid bit that’s come out this week:

Newly revealed text messages between FBI paramours Peter Strzok and Lisa Page include an exchange about preparing talking points for then-FBI Director James Comey to give to President Obama, who wanted “to know everything we’re doing.”

Barack Obama in April of 2016-> “I do not talk to FBI directors about pending investigations.”
Lisa Page text: “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing”

But wait a minute. Obama is on record saying he had NO conversations with the FBI concerning the Hillary matter. Well now, “Houston we have a problem.” Or maybe this little gem is worthy of some more investigation:

On Election Day 2016, Strzok wrote, “OMG THIS IS F***ING TERRIFYING.” Page replied, “Omg, I am so depressed.” Later that month, on Nov. 13, 2016, Page wrote, “I bought all the president’s men. Figure I need to brush up on watergate.”

Why would she have to brush up on Watergate? Because they got caught then too. Just like these people have. There’s an awful lot of plates in the air folks. There’s more than half a dozen investigations going on. Every day more “thousands” of texts are being released, and in them you can start to draw the appropriate picture.

What Hillary, Obama and her cronies hadn’t planned on, was a Trump. Why do I say that? Trump didn’t blindly walk in on all this. He knew. He had intel. He was a mover and shaker long before being a President. All of Hollywood loved him. The Clinton’s loved him. He had all this dirt from day one, and he set up a plan to expose it all.




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