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February 6, 2018

FOX News:  “This is profit taking in a bull market”

Selling PONDX.  

PONDX is a short term bond fund that pays a low yield.  We have held this thing for years, and have MADE A VERY NICE RETURN.  But it is time to let it go….which frees up cash for investments in some higher paying investments.

(We suggest buying more TCCA as mentioned Monday.)

It is trending down in response to increasing interest rates.  Theoretically this fund should be relatively stable but with the downward trend, we are not going to stick around,  Here is a link to the original post.



A positive article on AmeriGas:  we own a Corporate Bond.

AmeriGas is the largest propane distributor across the US, with operations in all 50 states. It’s organized as an MLP and it offers a big growing distribution yield, currently 8.2%.

Propane sales are sensitive to the weather (cold weather is good for sales), and we’ve had some cold temperatures this winter, which is good for AmeriGas. However, worth noting, despite the warmer than normal winters we’ve experienced in recent previous years, AmeriGas has continued to increase its distributions to unitholders.

And the recent pullback over the last week makes for a more attractive entry point, in our view. The company announced earnings on January 31st whereby they beat revenue estimates significantly, but that didn’t yet include the main impacts (benefits) of this year’s colder winter. We continue to own shares of AmeriGas within our Blue Harbinger CVI portfolio.


More positive articles on current holdings in the Core Portfolio:





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