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(UPDATE FEB 5)  Despite the declines we are seeing in many positions, TCCA is holding up very well.  

We added to TCCA last week at $25.07 and we are looking at ADDING more.  Right now the price is $25.05 and we will be watching for a possible buy at $24.99.  (A limit order is in for $24.99)  TCCA is paying 6.33%.

We see the markets turning back up in the next few weeks, but that is just our personal opinion.  If they head up and hit lower highs with a following decline, then we become worried.  We follow interest rates closely and do NOT anticipate much higher rates in 2018, altho this goes against most of the jargon you read on the internet.  The Core Portfolio likes lower rates!!


President Donald Trump’s approval rating has risen 6 points since he delivered his state of the union address, Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll shows.
Trump’s approval rose from 43% on the day he delivered the state of the union to 49% Friday. The president’s total approval rating has not hit such heights since June 16, 2017 when he reached 50%.

February 2, 2018

The markets are in a ‘corrective’ phase, which is not entirely unexpected.  But it always hurts.

We did add to our positions in ABRN and TCCA which we talked about earlier this week.  There are several ‘new’ positions that we ae evaluating and may want to buy, BUT right now the best approach is to wait and watch:  we like to buy things when they are on sale.  Lower prices are ahead.

We are not running to the exits and selling everything.  In fact we are looking for bargains.

For new readers:  we are long term investors.  Much of the Core Portfolio consists of bonds which we hold to maturity at which point you get your money back, in addition to the dividends paid while you hold.


FIV is holding up very well, and could be bought if you do not own.


We noticed an article on SeekingAlpha.com talking about WP Carey.  In their opinion Carey is the BEST REIT.

We purchased a Carey Corporate Bond many years ago, a rather large position, that pays around 4%.  We always like to see positive comments on the Core Portfolio holdings.  You can NOT buy Carey bonds right now that are offering a decent yield:  they are around 3%.  The stock, paying over 6%, is declining, most likely due to interest rate fears, and may be a buy in the future, but not right now.

If we see the technical indicators turn around, we may be buyers of the stock (WPC).  It is possible this will happen within the next month.



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