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January 5, 2018

YYY has been in the Core Portfolio since inception of this blog.  It pays over 8% and has been “relatively” stable for the last 18 months.  (We got hit on this one several years ago when they screwed around with the mix of funds.)  To the best of our recollection we have never updated our thoughts on YYY.

We noticed some articles on SeekingAlpha that prompted us to re-visit this position.  If you have not purchased YYY, NOW is the time to buy a small amount.

YYY is essentially a ‘fund of funds’:  a collection of closed end funds which gives you tremendous diversification.  It has been under-going it’s annual re-balancing:  cutting and adding positions.  As CEF’s use leverage, they carry increased risk so just beware when evaluating YYY. 

YYY pays 8%.

RA is another holding in the Core Portfolio.  If you do not already own, now is the time to buy.

RA pays 10%.


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