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December 20, 2017

We finally got filled with a very small position on ISD at $14.71.  If the price continues to decline we will most likely buy more.  Right now, the price is $14.72.  ISD pays 7.5%

With the passage of the tax bill, we are anticipating tax loss selling in January.  This may be a small pull back but if we see the potential for a significant correction, we will be selling positions.


Hillary’s DISapproval at 61%.  LOLOLOL

Clinton’s approval rating now stands at 36 percent, a five percent fall from April, while her disapproval rating has soared to a new high of 61 percent, bucking the trend of presidential candidates gaining popularity after losing an election.



Over the years, we have developed a short list of trusted and accurate financial advisors.  No you will not see these people on the fake news financial networks like CNBC where the paid bobble heads that are promoting their favorite stocks.  “Financial pornography” as one of our favorite analysts recently called the networks.

Every so often we mention these advisors and one of them is the web site listed below.  We suggest you watch their video every week for an excellent overview of the markets.


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