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December 12, 2017

We have numerous positions going ex-dividend in December but NONE except one are “buys”.  We recently bought GBAB.  It jumped up to $22.89 and has been dropping back to $22.63 today.  GBAB is going ex-dividend December 14 and we would watch for a pull-back to around $22.50  This is a buy anyplace under $22.60.  Here is the original post:



Are we getting closer to a correction???  Big institutional investors may plan on taking profits in January, assuming the tax bill is signed by Trump.  We are NOT buy and holders and will sell holdings if we see significant declines in early 2018.  Here is the bottom line from the full discussion (Below):  

With sentiment currently at very high levels, combined with low volatility and excess margin debt, all the ingredients necessary for a sharp market reversion are currently present.

Go here for the full discussion:



The financial press will tell you the economy is great and wonderful.  But-read this:

In fact, what has been the weakest expansion in history by far may now be finally running out of gas.

During the last several weeks the pace of US treasury payroll tax collections has actually dropped sharply—and it is ultimately Uncle Sam’s collection box which gives the most accurate, concurrent reading on the state of the US economy. Some 20 million employers do not tend to send in withholding receipts for the kind of phantom seasonally maladjusted, imputed and trend-modeled jobs which populate the BLS reports.

Yet we we are not close to having recovered the 4.3 million goods producing jobs lost in the Great Recession; 40% of them are still AWOL—meaning they are not likely to be recovered before the next recession hits.

Stated differently, the US economy has been shedding high paying goods producing jobs ever since they peaked at 25 million way back in 1980. Indeed,  we are still not even close to the  24.6 million figure which was posted  at the turn of the century.

Go here for the full discussion:


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