December 8, 2017

FAKE NEWS EVERYWHERE:  We do not listen to CNBC and the financial networks.  But yesterday at the gym we overheard a rube on CNBC forecasting a recession in 2019.  LOL  Now how in the hell can anyone talk about what is going to happen in the financial markets YEARS in the future.  Delusional.  More fake news.


Eaton Vance High Income 2021 Target Term Trust is going ex-dividend paying approx. 5 cents.  It IS currently in the Core Portfolio.

We like this position as all the bonds mature by 2021 and the fund will cease operations:  hence the name “target term”.  This is NOT your typical bond fund which never closes.  In other words, EHT acts like the Individual Corporate Bonds that we hold:  they mature at a given date and your money is returned.

Another key benefit is the diversification:  EHT holds over 100 positions.

The yield is 5.9% and the price on Thursday was $10.14.  Try to get this at $10.08 or less.

We suggest you BUY EHT as a new holding, OR add to your current position. 


2 comments on “EHT. FAKE NEWS.

  1. Is it worth paying the 1.5% in fund expenses to obtain that diversification ?
    Would the discount to NAV offset the part of the expenses for an investor that hold to maturity ?

    • This CEF uses leverage which essentially covers the cost of fund expenses. So you are getting professional management of over 100 positions for “free” and still getting a very reasonable return. Most readers do not have the time or ability to locate and manage this many holdings.

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