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October 9, 2017 We bought GAINM a year ago and it is still in the Core Portfolio.  The price has come down and you can ADD to your position, or for newer readers, you could BUY for the initial position.  The current price is actually LOWER than where we bought last October. Go to the […]


October 5, 2017 We are selling GBAB which is a position in the Core Portfolio.  The technicals are negative and with the threat of rising rates, once again, it is time to exit…..but we may buy again in the future depending on action with rates.  (It is still our thinking that LONG TERM, rates will […]


October 3, 2017 HTF located in the Core Portfolio is called.  The Company is offering a new replacement baby bond and if we like it, the details will be posted. Our cash position is way too low so we are actually glad to get the money.  We suggest you have reasonable cash positions for those […]