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October 24, 2017

We follow a very small select number of financial websites on a daily basis.  We do NOT look at CNBC, Cramer or FOX financial…..the constant stream of bobble-heads gives us a headache.  The networks are after ratings, nothing more.

Linked below is a video that you really need to watch, especially if you think we are on the brink of a financial collapse.  Yes we will EVENTUALLY get a crash (10% or larger) but we doubt that will happen in the near future.



IF investing was as easy as just buying a bunch of stuff and sitting on it, then why are so many Americans dependent on Social Security for retirement?  realinvestmentreport.com


If you have not completed our poll, please go to this link.  (All responses are anonymous.)  It will only take a minute.



The political books keep coming.  Ed Klein’s books are really interesting.  The publication date is coming up shortly. 


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