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October 11, 2017

Thursday.  BUY at $25.20

We already own RILYZ in the Core Portfolio.  This position is going ex-dividend on Oct. 12….tomorrow.

Most likely the price will decline after going ex-dividend and this would be a good time for new readers to buy for the first time, OR add to current positions…..$25.30 is a decent price to pay.  We would NOT pay much more.  Pays 7.32%.  

We were very happy to see this positive SeekingAlpha article on RILYZ yesterday:



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SOLD Chesapeake Corporate Bond.  This is a risky bond.  We now have a very nice Total Return …..price plus dividends…..and are taking profits.  The stock has absolutely cratered ($29.00 to $4.00) but the bond has been ok.  There is even talk about a turn-around at Chesapeake, but we are NOT sticking around to find out what happens.  SELL.  CUSIP 165167CF2 

SOLD.  Century Link Corporate Bond.  We purchased this in May and have received one dividend payment.  With the decline in the price, we are breaking even.  The stock is cratering and we no longer feel comfortable holding this.  CUSIP 156700AS5

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