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October 9, 2017

We bought GAINM a year ago and it is still in the Core Portfolio.  The price has come down and you can ADD to your position, or for newer readers, you could BUY for the initial position.  The current price is actually LOWER than where we bought last October.

Go to the link for more infor:



The bond market is closed today.  Tomorrow we are selling some Corporate Bonds and will send out the info.



After writing this blog for five years (hard to believe) we are fully invested.  We have mentioned many times that our cash position is much lower than we like, due to the fact that we cannot restrain ourselves from adding positions to the Core Portfolio.!!!!!! 

We now have 90 positions…….which IS WAY TOO MANY.

We simply do not have the money to continue buying at current levels.

BUT:  we will continue looking for new Core Portfolio positions.  When we find something, we will buy as a PLACE HOLDER.  The position will be noted as a place holder in the Core Portfolio.

This means we will buy very tiny positions in the range of 25 shares.  This ensures that we will watch the position and keep you up to date on the status.  Of course, YOU CAN buy as many shares as you want.


We are off and running with the next “political” book.  We saw Devil’s Bargain mentioned in some on-line article.  As readers of Breitbart.com, and with the fact that Steve Bannon worked for Trump, we decided to see what this book had to say.

Surprisingly Bannon has a colorful history which is much more interesting than we had expected.  So, if you are not bored silly with Trump and political BS, take a gander at this book.  (According to the cover below, it is a bestseller.)


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