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October 5, 2017

We are selling GBAB which is a position in the Core Portfolio.  The technicals are negative and with the threat of rising rates, once again, it is time to exit…..but we may buy again in the future depending on action with rates.  (It is still our thinking that LONG TERM, rates will not go significantly higher.)  We have earned some very nice dividends with GBAB:  the price has been declining and is now just above our buy price.


The market is now priced above prior manias including the 2007-2008 disaster.  The S&P is now selling at 20 times annual income.

The economy is doing only ok but stock buybacks continue to drive prices to stupid levels.  We think that Trump’s tax plan will NOT get passed and this failure may give us the stock market decline that everyone is expecting.

READ THE ARTICLE below which explains what is REALLY going on with the tax plan.



Ignoring commercials.  Advertisers LOSING 49% up to 79% of TV watchers during commercials….they are probably looking at the cell like we do lolol.    

TV commercials struggle to reach millennials: Per Adobe’s latest Media Habits Survey provided exclusively to Axios, between 34% and 49% of viewers constantly use another screen when commercials are on TV and 79% of millennials are distracted by other devices during commercial breaks either “most of the time” or “all of the time.”


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