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September 18, 2017

Tuesday:  Update:  RA went ex-dividend today.  STRONG BUY at current prices.

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Update:  Good Price on KCAPL today.  BUY

SELL VR.  We have done well with this trade BUT it is not doing as well as expected…another hurricane is expected to hit PR.  Bad news for VR.  Take your profits right now…this was fast and easy money.


We have several holdings that are going ex-dividend next week:  September 28 to be exact.

This is an opportunity for readers, and new readers, to get into existing Core Portfolio positions. 

Some investors will buy BEFORE the ex dates because they want to earn the dividends with the understanding that the prices will probably jump right back up.  BUT….We prefer to buy at the lower ex-dividend prices.  Next week we will suggest which ones to buy:


We are also evaluating two “new” baby bond issues which may start trading this week.  It is always best to buy new issues as you get in at the best price:  most of the time they trade up and stay there.


We hear that the NFL ratings are down to 2009 levels because of the infusion of politics (and the fears that the public have over the ‘concussion’ threat to the players).  The NFL does not care because evidently they are being paid double their historical rates by the cable companies and ESPN.  And the cale companies are losing subscribers by the millions to NetFlix and their competitors.  Wow it will be fun to watch how this plays out.  Is football dead?


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