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August 24, 2017

NOTICE:  Before buying any bond or stock, check out Core Portfolio  to see CURRENT positions.

We already own a Brookfield Corporate Bond.


Today we are looking at another Brookfield offering:  the Brookfield Real Assets Income Fund (RA)

RA recently punched upward to $24.24 obviously due to a sudden strong interest from a fund or newsletter writer.  BUT it has now dropped down to $23.72.  As RA is giving us a 10% yield we wanted to take a gander and see if it’s appropriate for the Core Portfolio.  (btw RA pays monthly.)  BUY RA for high yield.

Here is some copy from the full article which is pasted below.  Read the full article before buying this position.

Since the merger of legacy funds BOI, HHY and HTR managers have been working to align the portfolio with fund goals and current market conditions. As of the most recent report and update both the securitized credit and high yield corporate credit segments have reduced in favor of real assets equities. Securitized credit, mortgage backed securities, have been reduced by 7% from 50% to 43%. High yield corporate debt by 3% to 34%. Real assets securities have increased from 7% to 17% since the first of the year as positions in real estate, infrastructure and MLP equities are built.  



Growing up in South Dakota we have a special fondness of Mount Rushmore which is located in the State’s beautiful Black Hills.  We have visited the monument dozens of times.

So this story (below) caught our attention.  If you ever get the chance to visit the Black Hills be sure and see both Mt Rushmore and the developing Crazy Horse monument.


Almost nine out of ten Americans oppose the progressive demand for the erasure of George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s statues and names from public places, says a poll from Rasmussen Reports.

Ninety percent of the 1,000 likely voters in the August 17 to August 20 poll opposed the removal of Washington or Jefferson from the Mount Rushmore monument as they were asked: “Two of the four presidents honored on Mount Rushmore were slave owners. Should that monument be closed or changed?”



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