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August 15, 2017

NOTICE:  Before buying any bond or stock, check out Core Portfolio to see CURRENT positions.


Our Sprint bond purchase is a classic example of “Buy low, Sell high”.  We got in at a low bargain price and we now have a 23% increase in bond value……. PLUS we have been receiving dividends.

The price spiked up after we bought this bond but it is now slowly declining.  The Company’s debt load is huge and concerning.  So we have been procrastinating for many months about potentially selling this thing.

Well, the time has come to get out.  If you purchased this position, you are very happy with the profit.  Sell.



Every so often, (when we manage to remember) we like to mention the site Real Investment Advice…..especially for our newer followers who may not be aware of the blog.

This is by far the most informative and educational financial site that we have found, and better yet it is free.  They go into detail, sometimes way too much, on what is REALLY going on in the markets.  Lance Roberts, the author, also has a daily radio show.

We think you will find the information very helpful.  This is one site that we check very day.


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