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July 31. 2017

(Update:  Tuesday MDLX is dropping again.)

We bought Medley MDLX about a year ago and it has been in the Core Portfolio ever since.  MDLX spiked up to $24.90 then went ex-dividend last week and is currently priced at $24.60.  Historically it drops to around $24.00 after ex-div. which is a buying opportunity.  It can take a week or MORE to drop in price. 

If you do not own MDLX or want to add to your position, place a buy limit order around $24.00 and WAIT.  You may get filled at a nice price.  Do NOT but right now at this higher price.


The new “Dunkirk” movie is a huge bore.  Stay away.


The entire world is watching “your fired” The Apprentice with a new episode-and firing-everyday…it’s like a daily reality show.  We don’t watch the Kardashians but THIS current political environment has to be better.  Well I guess we will find out-in due time-if Trump eventually destroys himself.  Will he really drain the swamp.  Of course not.  But one thing we know for sure:  everyone is fixated on the circus.


Here is a link to an article on the major accomplishments of Trump so far.  If you watch fake news, you would think absolutely nothing has been done since he was elected…..which is not true.  btw we DO know the author is controversial and a huge Trump supporter, but we liked the writing style of his article…..there are numerous similar stories out there on accomplishments if you care to Google them. 



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