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July 13, 2017

We have been flooded here in the Chicago area and yesterday we were scrambling to save our little 14 footer.  Located on a river and having experienced this many times in the past, we have learned to live with it.  But it does make you appreciate the tragedy of the many friends and relatives who have experienced nature’s wrath in New Orleans and Florida.


We get so sick and tired of listening to the Old Grey Haired Lady at the FED talking about “full employment”.  Here is the real status.  If you want to read the detailed and boring report, click on the link below.

Graph 1 reflects headline May 2016 U.3 unemployment at 4.69%, versus 4.98% in April 2016; headline May 2016 U.6 unemployment at 9.73%, versus 9.71% in April; and the headline May 2016 ShadowStats unemployment estimate holding at 23.0%, up from 22.9% in April.



Illinois kicks the can down the road, again.

As expected the Illinois corrupt ultra liberal politicians and even some of the Republicans, raised the taxes to avoid a financial collapse.  Do the citizens react?  Of course not.  The sheep will only riot in the streets when the State cannot give them their pensions and disability payments.  That may not be too far off.  What a disgrace.  Illinois leads the nation in people moving OUT:  maybe we need to join the exodus.


Biased pollsters still pushing out biased polls:

Rasmussen, for example, since Jan. 20, 2017, has tracked Trump’s approval ratings between 42 to 57 percent, based on “likely voter” responses. By contrast, Gallup, polling “adults,” has reported Trump’s approval numbers hovering between 35 to 46 percent, a difference of as much as 11 percent.



One comment on “UNEMPLOYMENT 23%

  1. Jeez. That uhh, sounds dire. I read in the news that especially Illinois is having a rough go, but I didn’t know it was this bad. Hopefully, we can get ourselves out of this mess. It’s just really odd that a prosperous nation like this is having so much of these issues.

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