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July 10, 2017

We are looking at some HIGH RISK corporate bonds.  Buy these only if you have a large portfolio and are willing to take the risk……altho we really doubt having any problems with these tobacco bonds.

Some people may have issues with investing in ‘addictive’ substances, but as long as they are legal, we will take the 13.8% yield.

Alliance One International is a leading independent leaf tobacco merchant serving the world’s cigarette manufacturers. Based in North Carolina, this leading independent leaf tobacco merchant provides worldwide service to cigarette manufacturers. Multinational manufacturers of consumer tobacco products rely on independent merchants such as Alliance One to supply the majority of their leaf. Alliance purchases tobacco in more than 45 countries and serves manufacturers of cigarettes and other consumer tobacco products in more than 90 countries.

Alliance One is one of only two global publicly held leaf tobacco merchants. It holds a leading position in most major tobacco growing regions in the world, including the principal export markets for flue-cured, burley and oriental tobacco. As a result of this global scale, Alliance is well positioned to provide its product to manufacturers of tobacco products all over the world.

Go to the link below to get a detailed analysis of the bonds.

CUSIP:  018772AS2.  Maturity July 2021.  NOTE:  You should plan on holding corporate bonds to maturity.



MOVIES:  I guess we are not the target audience for Spider-Man.  What a boring piece of trash.  It is making a lot of money but we suggest you pass.  Of most interest is the new Star Trek TV series, if we can figure out how the hell to subscribe to the CBS All Access….all this technology is frustrating to us.

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