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July 5, 2017

Well, we boarded one of American’s little itty-bitty planes over the weekend and headed back to the old homestead for a wedding.  We have been dedicated to American for 40 years and they always do a good job.

We have received a slew of dividends over the last week, which is great since it helps pay for the super expensive dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse yesterday….at least $150 for two people.  We are so glad we saved 10% of our income during the working years.  

This morning we were looking for interesting prospects that would make new buys for the Core Portfolio.  No such luck.  So for now we are doing nothing other than watching the money roll in from dividends….and waiting for the Wall street movers and shakers return on Monday from the Hamptons and their yachts….as we roll down the river in our 14 footer lolol.


“We’re like a banana republic. We can’t manage our money.” – Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner



There are many respected financial advisors out there that have been forecasting the implosion of bonds.  As huge bond investors we watch the bond market very closely. 

Here is one “opposing” view of bonds from a highly respected blogger that we read everyday….and you should too.  Go to link below for the entire article:

During the last week, we finally got a bounce in interest rates from very oversold levels (remember rates are inverse to bond prices so oversold rates = overbought bond prices.) I am patiently awaiting the “bond bears” to come out in force once again declaring the “bond bull market” dead and telling you why you should sell your bonds and buy overvalued stocks.

This has been the case since mid-2013 and all along the way, through numerous missives, I have explained why such an outcome will not be the case. To wit:
“As I have discussed many times in the past, interest rates are a function of three primary factors: economic growth, wage growth, and inflation. The relationship can be clearly seen in the chart below.”



The news for the fake media keeps getting worse.

A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll out Monday shows that while the public has low trust in the Trump administration, they trust the media even less.

Just 30 percent of Americans said they have a “great deal” or “good amount” of trust in the news media, the poll shows. That’s lower than the 37 percent of Americans who said the same about the Trump administration. The poll found that 37 percent of adults said they trust the media “not at all,” while another 31 percent said they have “not very much” trust in the news media.




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