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June 28, 2017

(Update:  It looks like oil is ready to head up.  Some ideas include OIH, RIG and RRC…in addition to the positions in our Core Portfolio.)

Back on June 16 we suggested you look at CLNS.  This position just went ex-dividend paying 27 cents and the price is down.  If you did not buy a while back, now is the time to get in.


If you are stuck in the rut of watching the evening news from the fake news networks with the plane crashes, car crashes, tornados, etc, you need to broaden your horizons.  Do you really need to know what Trump and the liberal left is doing everyday?  Or what the weather is doing in Timbuktu.  NO.  There are so many interesting scientific advancements out there that the media never talks about.

We strongly suggest the read the article linked below from the Smithsonian titled the Future of Energy. How is it we have never heard about this amazing innovation in solar energy.

There are dozens upon dozens of ideas for how to build a space-based solar collection system, but the basic gist goes something like this: launch and robotically assemble several hundred or thousand identically sized modules in geosynchronous orbit. One part comprises mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight onto solar panels that convert the energy into electricity. Converters turn that electricity into low-intensity microwaves that are beamed to large, circular receivers on the ground. Those antennae re-convert the microwaves back into electricity, which can be fed into the existing grid.



The Clinton News Network known as the fake news CNN is a…BUSINESS:  they need ratings:

In addition to those aforementioned revelations in the Project Veritas video, Bonifield is shown on camera saying the reason CNN leadership and management is so focused on the Russia scandal despite the lack of real proof is “because it’s ratings.”  “Our ratings are incredible right now,” the video from Project Veritas shows Bonifield saying.

In the video, Bonifield says that CNN leadership regularly axes coverage of other newsworthy stories to shift coverage back to the Russia story. He provided as an example of the network’s coverage of President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accords—which he is seen saying in the video lasted less than two days—before management deliberately shifted coverage back to the Russia scandal.



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