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June 14, 2017

We have done very well with SBLKL providing us dividends over the years.  As mentioned earlier we were going to hold despite a recent article telling us to sell a portion.  But this thing is stalling, and the technical indicators are telling us to get out.  SELL


Sometimes we get so mad at ourselves.  Over the years we have missed some super opportunities.  Microsoft was a great buy years ago when they finally got rid of the dufus who made continuous mistakes.

Philip Morris is getting big into vape cigarettes and the stock is sky-rocketing–but again we missed the action.

Altho we own the corporate bonds in the data-center REITS we SHOULD have purchased the stocks a year ago………they have burst upward.

We could go on and on.  Back in the 80s we were told to buy Wal-Mart by one of our WM sales reps.  Who would have thought they would do anything.  And Amazon:  we used to see them building their displays at conventions that we were attending.  Another HUGE missed opportunity. 

The lesson here:  sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Keep an eye on the big trends and you will do well:  electronic devices/components, data centers/data streaming/telecom, online shopping and shipping/inventory warehouse REITs.

Speaking of Microsoft their recent Windows 10 upgrade is a nightmare.  We have had serious issues and now our Fidelity trading software is NOT working.  


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