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June 1, 2017

We are trying to buy RILYZ (a brand new issue today) but pricing has spiked.  The limit order is at $25.11 but it is doubtful the order will get filled at that price.

As we type the bond is priced at $25.24….which is higher than we like.  SO: we are watching as the price MAY COME BACK DOWN but we may give in and pay more than we should.

You can decide if you want to buy, and at what price.    

From Yield Hunter.com:

Financial services firm B Riley Financial (NASDAQ:RILY) has sold a new baby bond issue.  The issue has a coupon of 7.5% and a maturity date in 2027 which are terms that are very enticing to us.

B Riley is a Los Angeles based financial services company that provides a full array of corporate finance, research, sales and trading services to corporate, institutional and high net worth clients.  B Riley came public in 1997 and by and large they have been reasonably profitable, although they had a bit of a slip in 2014 when they had a loss.  The company is not a large firm garnering revenue in 2016 of just $190 million.


Go here for the complete description:


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